Vision, Mission & Core Values


“Achieving all round development of the youth by fostering enterprise skills and to mould the students to be morally upright, responsible citizen who can lead and motivate”.


  • To improve student’s level of confidence and self esteem through academic and co-curricular activities.
  • To ensure that the youth get adequate opportunities to identify and develop their skills
  • To mould the individuals into integrated personalities who are intellectually Competent, spiritually enlightened, socially sensitive and physically strong.

Bethany Educational Core Values

  • God Experience
  • Compassionate love for all specially the poor and the marginalized
  • Communication, collaboration and team spirit
  • Excellence in terms of developing each one’s unique potentialities to build a just and human community
  • Truth, love justice and peace
  • Simplicity of life style and dignity of labour
  • Respect for life, nature, cultures , religion and love for the nation
St Raymond’s College